Roman Permanent Theatres

The Theatre of Pompey

Theatron Limited is currently engaged in the "Pompey Project", an ambitious undertaking to explore and "reconstruct" Rome’s earliest stone theatre: the vast architectural complex of theatre, temple, gardens, portico and Curia constructed in the Campus Martius in 55 B.C.

Working together with the leading experts on Roman theatre and architecture, and with the support of Roman archaeological authorities, it is preparing a Virtual Reality model which will eventually be published "on-line". This will feature hypertext links from each element of the model to an extensive database of scholarly articles, primary sources, photos and designs of relevant artifacts, and critical discussion and debate.

This highly innovative "electronic exhibition" will then be continuously updated to incorporate new data emerging both as a result of an extensive site survey as well as from projected "key-hole" excavations at tightly targeted locations where information crucial to verifying or modifying the model is likely to be found.